The C Row and our Fabulous Sponsor

Hi Baby Janes!

This month we thought we would do a little mid-month check in to talk about our “scrappy” lives and give you some information on our awesome sponsor for this month.

Hopefully you are well on your way pushing through the Dear Jane® “C Row”.  I must confess that I have completed it already, (as spring is quite busy for me – I can’t believe we are already mid-May!!!) and it was a doozy!  I was more than grateful for a new stitch ripper I tried by Havel’s Sewing and I am pleased to report that it is part of the prize for May!

What is this magical stitch ripping tool?  Oh, let me tell you, if you haven’t tried it, you will be converted as soon as you do!  Below you can see the Havel’s fabulous prize for this month – the Surgical Seam Ripper (with replacement blades) and the 4 inch Embroidery Snips


The seam ripper has a vertical, razor sharp blade that cuts through thread like a hot knife through butter.  It is so efficient that Melissa has fondly named her’s “Grease Lighting”.  I came to really appreciate the Surgical Seam Ripper when I was working on Foundation Paper Piecing (the bane of my existence) the C Row Dear Jane® Blocks and Alison Glass’ Trinket Quilt.  There was a time in my short quilting career where I would have just tossed the whole 4 inch block into the trash if I had sewed it wrong, but with this Surgical Seam Ripper, I was able to pick out my tiny stitches and be back at the machine in no time at all!  If you are interested in checking out the Surgical Seam Ripper you can find it here: Havel’s Surgical Seam Ripper

The other tool included in this month’s prize is the Havel’s 4 inch Embroidery Snips. These are excellent little snips that I wish I had multiple pairs of as they are handy to keep by the sewing machine but I would also love to have a pair upstairs where I do my hand sewing.  They are extremely precise and the curved blade is very helpful for trimming threads close to quilt blocks or other hand work.  In order to be eligible to win these fantastic prizes all you need to do is post all 13 of the Dear Jane® C Row Blocks by the end of the month and tag us @scrappysewandso and our awesome sponsor @havels_sewing.

Can I still join the sew along? Of course you can!!! and if you step down for a month – no problem!  We are not here to judge but to encourage you to continue!

Also there are only a few days left to sign up for our Dear Jane® Mini Swap (May 15th)- it’s only a 12 x 12 mini quilt…and mail out is June 30th – AND!  the scrappier the better!  Sign up here:

Baby Jane Mini Swap

Scrappy Sew and So Episode 4 is now live!.. And sign up for our mini swap!



Hey Baby Janes!  Our latest Episode of Scrappy Sew and So is now up on Youtube!  Check it out and join in the the fun.  You can view Episode 4 by clicking on the following link:


Also we would like to host a mini-quilt swap.  If you would like to join us, you can sign up on the link below.  The deadline to sign up is May 15th and the mail out date is June 30th.  Quilts are to include your favourite Dear Jane® Block and be a maximum of 12″x12″

Scrappy Sew and So Mini Jane sign up


Also this week I am hosting @52quilters on Instagram, so look for my daily posts about English Paper Piecing!  See you on the “gram”!

…And the B Row begins!


I don’t know about you, but to me, April seems like the unofficial month of English Paper Piecing (EPP)!  Why?  Because our April sponsor for the Dear Jane® Quilt Along is!  And thanks to our sponsor, we were very fortunate to be able to try out some of the Dear Jane® B Row Paper Pieces. has also contributed some amazing prizes so keep reading for more details!

As I have mentioned in other posts, I have only been quilting for about 2 years, but I fell hard and fast for the EPP technique.  And, as with all things quilting, I totally blame Melissa for this.  You see, she bought me the “Liberty Love” book by Alexia Marcelle Abeg for Christmas when I was first getting started and I was totally captivated and intrigued by the Queen Bee tote bag.

Although I have yet to make the Queen Bee tote bag, I did start and finish a hexagon quilt, no plan really – just playing with the hexagons.


Then I moved on to the Tula Nova Quilt:


And just recently finished Libs Elliott’s The Watcher (EPP style):


And so it began for me the love of paper piecing! The reason I love it so much is because it is slow, quiet and relaxing and I can do it on the couch while still spending time with my family.  I think I inspired Melissa to try it and she started her own EPP project using hexagons and variations.  It is a work in progress and there are some lovely photos of it below:

The blue one is even signed by Tula Pink!!!


Initially when Melissa and I decided to make the Dear Jane® Quilt, I had thought I would only do it EPP style, but time and other commitments have dictated otherwise.  That being said, every time I look ahead to my next row of blocks, I immediately mark any “Y” seam or curved blocks for EPP.  Because of the complexity of the Dear Jane ® blocks it completely makes sense that the entire quilt should be EPP.

IMG_1561 has many products available to purchase for the Dear Jane® Quilt and will also be reissuing the Dear Jane® book with Brenda Papadakis shortly. Not only can you purchase the entire quilt, but you can also buy commonly used acrylic templates, and individual rows.

To purchase Dear Jane® EPP products please click on the link below:

Paper Pieces Website


Not pictured is the large triangle template that one would also need to do the border triangles on the quilt.  I love the acrylic templates for EPP because they work well with a rotary cutter for fast cutting! (I personally like to spend more of my precious quilting time sewing and not cutting the fabric)

As is our sponsor for the month of April, they were generous enough to send us the paper pieces for the “B” Row so we had the opportunity to try them out and offer some tips and tricks to you.


Primarily, I would totally recommend purchasing the piece packs for the reason that it is so nice to work with pre-cut, precise shapes, not having to print, trace and cut out my own making diving into Dear Jane® at the end of a long day way more appealing!  Although some of the blocks are slightly modified for ease, I didn’t find them to differ too much from the original.  The pieces are also made from a thin and firm card stock that makes them both easy to bend and easy to remove, further if you are like me and happen to sew through the papers from time to time, my needle still goes through the papers quite easily.

When I began my blocks, I first matched the up to the book and then labelled the pieces so I would know where they belong.


As you can see in the above photo I was working on block B-8 Water Lily, and in the case of this block, I needed to wrap the petals with fabric and then “needle turn appliqué” them on to the corner pieces before EPPing them together.  Again I found the precision of the laser cut papers essential in the preparation for the “needle turn appliqué”.


In the following two images, I have prepped several blocks so that all I need to do is stick them together.  I like to prep my blocks by glue basting them, leaving the area at the edge of the paper free so that I can easily get my needle into the fabric.


The Flat Back stitch

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to do Dear Jane® curves with EPP.  I find I have more control over the blocks, especially the really tiny ones!  After trying multiple strategies to sew my curves, this one works the best for me and my stitches are barely visible.


When working with a larger curve, such as the one here on B-11 “Melissa’s Cross”, I find it helpful to fold the sections (with paper inside) in half to find the centre of the shape in order match up the pieces properly.


The following is a link to a video that demonstrates how to do the flat back stitch:

Karen the DIY Addict Flat Back Stitch

This video features one of my favourite Paper Pieces sources, Karen demonstrating how to do the technique on the La Passacaglia Quilt (NEXT ON MY LIST – YOU IN MELISSA?)


Speaking of Melissa, she also tried some of the Paper Pieces and here is her account:

“As you can see from my photos my experiment with making my own templates for epp were mediocre at best. While it did work, and made an ok block, the precision of the block is not what I would expect from spending hours on a block. The thickness of the paper used, allowed a lot of room for error so that the corners do not match up exactly and the pieces have almost a baggy look to them.
I am much more pleased with the block below where I used the Paper Pieces. The paper is strong but thin allowing for a better end result, and I know that I would have made a mess of hand cutting the circles out! 
Also this time I took Eve’s advise and undid the basting at the edges to finish off the seams nicely in what would be the seam allowance. I am really in love with this block! I can not believe that the circles look this good!! All the heart eyes! 😍😍😍”

As our sponsor for the month of April and the “B” row, has generously offered our winner a Dear Jane® paper piece row of their choice and a brand new Dear Jane® book when they become available.

paperpieces pic

In order to win you need to post your 13 “B Row” blocks on Instagram by April 30th, and mention @scrappysewandso,  and our awesome sponsor for this month: @paperpiecesepp and use the hashtag #dearjaneqal2019.


So that’s all for now, be sure to look for me as a guest quilter later on this month on the Instagram account @52quilters where I will be sharing more of my love for the EPP technique!

Episode 3 of ScrappySewandSo is now up on Youtube!

Happy Sunday everyone!  We have a new Episode of ScrappySewandSo on our YouTube channel, so please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any Episodes!

You can find Episode 3 here:

ScrappySewandSo Episode 3 

Today is also the last day to post all 13 of your A Row blocks for our Dear Jane ® Sew Along.  We look forward to seeing your blocks and working through the B Row together for the month of April.

Happy Spring! (or Fall if you live in the Southern Hemisphere!)

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun – or working on a challenging Dear Jane ® Block? Since we are a week away from our deadline for our first row, I thought I would put out a new post describing some of the ways that you can post your blocks – because we need to see all 13 in one post!… and Instagram will only let you post 10 photos in one post.  (For the purpose of our sew along you may have multiple photos, but they should all be the same post).  We understand that it can be challenging to get that perfect photo – especially if you have already sashed your blocks, but be creative and use any tools available at your disposal. Below you will find 2 apps that I like to use to post multiple photos/photo collages.

When Melissa and I did the #100days100blocks last year, I learned how to use Instagram Layout (Free App – Check your App store), which lets you make a collage of up to 9 photos.  I enjoyed the symmetry of posting 9 equal blocks – like the Brady Bunch intro, so I got pretty excited about the postings that were multiples of 9.




Once you save your Layout, it saves to your photos and then you can combine multiples of 4 or 9 like these:

Pretty exciting huh? .. But Eve, the Dear Jane® rows have 13 blocks each, how can we post those?  Unfortunately, we can’t get the same symmetry with 13, but there is another App that allows for making a collage with more than 9 photos!  And best of all it is called Photo Quilt!!! It is a free App, but there are some upgrades you may purchase – and you might have to watch a short advertisement, but I believe that you can make a “Photo Quilt” with an unlimited amount of photos.  Similar to Instagram Layout, Photo Quilt has multiple different layout options and will save to your photos as well. Below I have 3 different examples of layouts for my 13  “A Row” blocks.

So if you would like to post all of your Dear Jane® “A Row” blocks all in one photo.  Photo Quilt is a great option.  If there is an app that you know about and would like to share, please let me know in a comment on this post.  I love hearing about and trying new technology!

Also, remember when posting your 13 “A Row” block, be sure to mention @scrappysewandso,  and our awesome sponsor for this month: @clintonmodern and use the hashtag #dearjaneqal2019 in order to be eligible for this month’s prize, which is a fat quarter bundle from Clinton Modern:

Further, if you are interested in seeing what else Clinton Modern has to offer please check out her website here:

Clinton Modern Creative Website

She now has Tula Pink’s Pinkerville!!!

…And until April 30th use the code DEARJANE15 to receive 15% of your purchase!


So what else have Melissa and I been up to?  Because as you know, we like to use any spare moments that we have to sew – who wants to clean right???  And both of us have had some time off this month due to the March Break.

Melissa has been making green hearts to send to New Zealand to be made into quilts by Angels in Gumboots. You can see some of them here:


And she also participated in the #bloembasketalong with @johannaweidner and @clintonmodern making this adorable set of bags:


I have been doing the Trinket Sew Along with Alison Glass.  I bought the pattern last year and used most of my March Break to sew the blocks – still don’t love FPP!

My blocks are below, collage made by… you guessed it! PhotoQuilt!


And I also signed up to participate in the Sisterhood Quilt Swap with @happysewlucky . I spent yesterday making my blocks to send to my sisters.  Again… still don’t love FPP but it is growing on me.


So that’s all for now, we wish you the best of luck as you finish the rest of the blocks in your “A Row”, we look forward to seeing our Instagram feeds filled with Dear Jane® !


ScrappySewandSo Episode 2 is up on Youtube


Hi Baby Janes!  ScrappySewandSo Episode 2 is now up on YouTube.  To view our latest video please click on the following link:

ScrappySewandSo Episode 2

Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any new videos when they come out!  Stay tuned for a new blog post this week on how to post multiple photos to Instagram, so that you can enter to win this month’s prizes!

Happy March! Let the Dear Jane® Quilt Along Begin!

We have lots of great things to share with you for this edition of the blog post. So let’s not beat around the bush!

Our sponsor for the month is Clinton Modern Creative – Fabric, Patterns and Notions for Modern Makers.  It is an online shop out of Saskachewan, Canada, and happens to be one of our favourite shops to order fabric.  Why?  Because owner, Darla Clinton stocks all of our favourite modern designers such as Tula Pink, Libs Elliott, and Alison Glass – just to name a few – and at excellent prices with FAST shipping!  Darla is very active and generous in the Instagram quilting community and she sponsors many Quilt Alongs, including the recent Alison Glass “Trinket” Quilt Along  – which I think I will definitely be throwing my hat into this spring!  Check out her delicious curated bundle for the “Trinket” Sew Along below.


If you are interested in seeing what else she has to offer please check out her website here:

Clinton Modern Creative Website

Until April 30th use the code DEARJANE15 to receive 15% of your purchase!

As I have been using Libs Elliott’s Mixtape and New Wave Fabrics for my Dear Jane® Quilt, I have acquired most of my fabrics through Clinton Modern Creative!

How do I enter to win this months prize?

Well the details have all been updated under the March 2019 Schedule on the Dear Jane® Quilt Along   page. So just clink on the hyperlink for more details!