Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Up here in Canada, we are celebrating our Thanksgiving.  This includes the turkey and all the trimmings and most importantly spending time with family.  At my family Thanksgiving we like to go around the table and tell one thing that we are thankful for.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.  I have so many opportunities and outlets for my creativity, and I am very encouraged and supported by the people that surround me.  I am extremely thankful for this Quilt along group. I feel like we have built a little support community that really celebrates and commensurates the challenges and triumphs of a very hard and tedious, yet satisfying quilt.

I also wouldn’t be doing this without Melissa. Words cannot express how much nicer it is to have a quilty bff!  We have not only done this Quilt along together, but we have also joined several swaps.  It is so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, or complain about a difficult pattern, or help each other find patterns or fabric.

This spring I got the EQ8 design program.  I love playing around on the computer and thanks to EQ Dear Jane software, I find this program quite easy to use.  Lately, any time I have needed to make something I didn’t already have the pattern for I have made it myself using EQ8.  This includes patterns that Melissa has been trying to find as well.  If you have watched any of our Youtube videos, you will know how much I dislike making foundation pieced patterns (AKA FFPP) but I find them surprisingly easy to make on EQ8.

So Melissa mentioned one night that she would like to make an envelope block but didn’t have a pattern – well, EQ8 to the rescue!  I worked out a FFPP pattern and easily sent it along.  Then Melissa and I thought, why not share it with you guys?!?  So here is the link for the PDF:


I have decided that I would like to make on in all the colours of the rainbow, as filler for a Rainbow swap that Melissa and I are participating in.  I have only finished one block so far, and here it is:


And as you can see, there are some great opportunities for fussy cutting!  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!  New Youtube video coming soon!

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