ScrappySewandSo Episode 2 is up on Youtube


Hi Baby Janes!  ScrappySewandSo Episode 2 is now up on YouTube.  To view our latest video please click on the following link:

ScrappySewandSo Episode 2

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5 thoughts on “ScrappySewandSo Episode 2 is up on Youtube

  1. Hi Eve and Melissa, I am enjoying getting to know the two of you via the videos! And it is always helpful to see how other people are assembling their blocks (for example, my cereal box EPP templates are TOTALLY overkill and I should have just used card stock. Why didn’t I think that through?!) When it comes to the tricky blocks like Hunter’s Moon do you starch while you still have your EPP templates in or after you take them out? Just wondering if starching with the templates still in would help hold the shape better. Also, when EPP’ing curved pieces, the flat back stitch is really the only option for stitching, right? Or is there some other stitch that would also work with curved pieces? Love the quilt behind you on the wall in the videos and love all your bags – an Aeroplane Bag is on my to-do list!


    1. Hi Jenni I personally don’t starch with the papers because I am afraid it will make them stick more (I glue baste). I press and then remove the papers then starch. We are so glad that you are enjoying the videos, because we are enjoying this whole process! Cheers, Eve


  2. I have been trying the flat stitch with my EPP. I like it better than the wip stitch. I found it on you tube by Poole’s Piecing and suggestions for doing a Dear Jane. I am using my Dear Jane program to print out the patterns on card stock. What weight and kind of Wonderfil thread do you use?


    1. Hi Jo! I will have to look that up! I like Invisifil for my epp and appliqué. I’ll get Melissa to respond to about the 50 wt thread she used. I’m pretty sure however that it was either aurifil or gutermann


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