Official Dear Jane® Launch!

Today is the day!!!! The kick off of our #dearjaneqal2019 !! It seemed like the day would never come!! And now here it is!
Since this is our kick off party let’s all post our photos of our plans, our fabric choices, our old blocks we put away, our inspirations and have a real celebration!!
I can’t wait for my feed to be filled with beautiful photos of our Dear Janes®!!

Here are Melissa’s plans:


And here are Eve’s:


What’s that?  There are prizes!


To be eligible to win a 1/2 yard bundle of 4 Kaffe Fasset fabric from Eve’s “Personal stash” you must post a photo of your plan etc with the hashtag # dearjaneqal2019 and with @scrappysewandso so we can be sure to see your posts!
Don’t forget to follow @scrappysewandso and always post the #dearjaneqal2019 for your posts to be eligible for prizes and so others can see your work your profile must be public. Follow the hashtag #dearjaneqal2019 to see everyone’s posts!!!! Have a great day!!! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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